Apply to be Listed on this Website

  • To be listed on the site, you must submit an account creation request.
  • Once you have filled out and submitted the account creation request form, you will receive notification via email.
    • If your organization has a Keystone ID (B- Account #) you will receive an email with your new PIN # that will be used to log into your account.
    • If your organization does not have a Keystone ID, you will receive two emails with three pieces of information.
      1. Keystone ID
      2. PIN #
      3. Temporary Password
    Note: If your organization is not currently in Pennsylvania’s Identity Manager database, you will receive an email from the security team requesting additional information.

  • Once you have your Keystone ID, PIN #, and Password, log in to your account by entering your Keystone ID in the "Username" field, and password in the "Password" field.
  • Once you have logged in using your Keystone ID and Password, the main menu for the PA Link website will display. Enter your PIN # and click "Register."
  • After you have entered your PIN #, a new form will appear in your browser. Fill out all fields and click "Register." Once you’ve clicked register, your information has officially been submitted for review. You will receive a confirmation via email.
By applying to be listed on the Home Care Directory, you are verifying that you are a provider licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

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