There are a wide variety of transportation programs available in Pennsylvania that can help with finding accessible transportation, a ride to the store or a medical appointment, and more. Options include both private pay and publicly funded programs.

Here are some of the types of services that exist:

  • Senior ride program
  • Paratransit
  • Bus fares and vouchers
  • Auto repair programs
  • Vehicle modification cost programs

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Other Resources

Area Agencies on Aging
The AAAs, both county and non-profit, are a vital source for information, planning, monitoring, providing cost-effective care, and advocating for Pennsylvania’s older citizens. AAAs are community designers and builders of support systems that enable older people to be active and vital in their communities. AAAs also serve as a gatekeeper, providing assessment and options as alternatives to costly institutionalization.

PA SILC (Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council)
A nonprofit, cross-disability, consumer-controlled organization dedicated to securing public policies that ensure civil rights for people with disabilities. This website provides a list of all Centers for Independent Living that exist across Pennsylvania.

PALPA (Pennsylvania Living Independence for the Elderly)
“LIFE” stands for “Living Independence for the Elderly,” which is a joint Medicare/Medicaid program that provides a comprehensive array of health and support services to qualified seniors who face health challenges that threaten their continued ability to live independently in the community. LIFE is both an insurer and a provider: it replaces any other health insurance you have and directly provides all of the health care and support services you need. LIFE is a better way of meeting your health care and other needs. Today there are LIFE programs serving communities throughout Pennsylvania – with the program becoming available to more seniors all the time.

PDA (Pennsylvania Department of Aging)
This is the main website for the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. This website includes information related to Aging Services; Recent News; and provides resources for Professionals and Providers.

DHS (Pennsylvania Department of Human Services)
This is the main website for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’s seven program offices administer services that provide care and support to Pennsylvania's most vulnerable citizens. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania’s individuals and families. We promote opportunities for independence through services and supports while demonstrating accountability for taxpayer resources.

DHS OLTL (Office of Long Term Living)
This website provides information about the types of services and supports funded throughout Pennsylvania by the Department of Human Services Office of Long Term Living (OLTL). The information provided will be helpful for caregivers, people who need rehabilitation and/or personal assistance, and/or people who are planning for future needs. Populations served include individuals over age 60 and individuals with physical/developmental disabilities over age 21.

DHS ODP-ID (Office of Developmental Programs)
This website provides information regarding the ever evolving intellectual and developmental disability service system. It is evolving from one focused on providing service in large institutions – often far from a person’s home and community -- to one based on a flexible and dynamic system of supports and services close to home and community. The new system is tailored to the needs of persons living in their home community which include community residential and day support services.

DHS ODP-BAS (Bureau of Autism Services)
This website provides information regarding the Department of Human Services' efforts to enhance the quality of life and independence of Pennsylvanians with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and to support their families and caregivers.

LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly)
This Program offers individuals age 55 and older who are nursing-facility clinically eligible a community-based alternative to nursing home care. This program offers: long-term care, acute care, behavioral health, meals, transportation, and any other services determined necessary to meet the needs of the individual.

DHS Housing
Housing is critical to a person’s health and well-being. DHS believes that too many Pennsylvanians who have extremely low incomes are rent-burdened, too many people experience homelessness or are at risk of homelessness, and too many people who live in institutions could live in the community with assistance. This website describes the strategies being utilized to combat these issues.

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